Saturday, December 11, 2010

Light your candles

Tomorrow is a special day and it also starts a new yearly tradition for our family. A year ago, I didn't know this day existed. The second Sunday in December is a worldwide day to light a candle in memory of all children that have died too soon. On this day, people around the world light a candle so that "their light may always shine." So tomorrow night at 7pm my family will be lighting 2 candles, as we take the time to sit down and remember Cayden.

The little project that I mentioned the counselor did with the kids was for this special day. She bought two taper candles and lots of multicolored bees wax. The kids decorated each of their own candle for Cayden with the bees wax and the candles will be lit tomorrow night in honor of him. Makes my heart happy thinking about it...anything to honor my special boy.

Here is a little poem that I found:

Children we remember
Though missing from our sight
In honor and remembrance
We light candles in the night

We will not forget
and every year in December
On Earth, we will light candles
As we remember

author unknown

So anyone and everyone, let your light shine!
Mommy misses and loves you Cayden!

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