Sunday, January 30, 2011

A much needed prayer

Please say a prayer for Carter. We spent the night in the ER last night. He was diagnosed with RSV on Thursday and got worse. He now has a pneumonia. He is so sick and I feel so helpless. This is my first experience with him being sick since we lost Cayden and it has been so scary. After losing a child, it is so different when your baby gets a sickness this severe. My Lexy said yesterday before we left for the hospital..."Mama, I hope he doesn't die." It broke my heart. Most kids her age wouldn't say that, but after losing Cayden, death is an a normal conversation in my house. I just ask everyone to please say a prayer for my little boy that desperately needs it. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks in advance.


  1. Praying Carter gets better and feels ok!

  2. praying...

    Your pictures are beautiful...glad it worked!

    love, Stacy

  3. I have been praying everyday. I pray that things are going well. May God bless you with peace that passes understanding.