Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So many memories

Everyone including Ryan was in bed and asleep by 8:30 tonight, woohoo! This is not a normal in our house. I always have a goal of getting the kids in bed by that time, but it never happens. I decided to head to the computer and work on my blogs a little bit. Before I knew it, I was going through photos on the computer to upload to our family blog. I came across some pictures that we had taken a few days before I had the boys. I had actually forgotten about these pictures. We took them as memories of the last few pictures at home with both boys still alive in my tummy. As I looked at these pictures it brought back so many memories. All I could do was cry....but I don't know if I am crying tears of joy or tears of pain....maybe a little of both. It hurt to to remember a time when I still had both my baby boys, but it was such a happy time too.
Oh, if only I could rewind the time back to that night.

I miss feeling Cayden move nonstop and keep me up all night! It makes me sad to think about the days he was still growing inside me.

My belly was so big that it hurt to do anything the last few days.

I can't help but smile when I see these pictures! It was so amazing to have the privilege to carry 2 baby boys at the same time. My belly was so big :0

I can honestly say that as hard as this past year has been, I would do it all over again ...Cayden was such an amazing child. The memories we made with him while I was pregnant and the short time he was with us are irreplaceable. I will cherish them until the day our good Lord calls me home.
These Memories are all I have left......
Mama misses you and loves you my sweet baby boy.


  1. I smile at your big belly too :o) Beautiful. <3

  2. I would do it all over again too