Friday, March 11, 2011

Please pray!

I am on here tonight asking everyone to please pray!!I just found out that the sweet little boy Avery, that I told you all about a few posts ago, passed away this morning. Remember the little boy who chocked on a hot dog?

I sat here tonight reading Avery's CaringBridge page sobbing so hard I could barely breath. I was reminded of the deep unbearable pain and heartache of the night Cayden passed away. My heart breaks for this family. I know sweet Avery is now in Heaven dancing with Cayden, pain free, but I know from my own pain that it doesn't make it any easier. I ask everyone to please say a prayer for this family and for Avery. Feel free to go to their page and send them a message.

Tonight as you tuck your children in, hug them a little tighter, love them a little longer, and thank the Lord for every minute that you have with them.

I love you Cayden Ryan.

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