Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another hard moment

I had a moment tonight... a moment where I was taken completely off guard... I was not expecting it and I can not even put into words the pain I felt. It almost felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to my chest....I couldn't breath...I was at loss of words...and the only thing that could go though my head was....get me out of here!!

I have been faced with twins many times since losing Cayden. I have talked on here about my struggles with the twin thing too, but I don't think that I have ever been put at a table with another woman carrying twins...twin boys. And I really didn't expect it to hurt so bad!

I went over to a friends house tonight for a girls night out of bunco...Now, I am not the type to go out. I love being at home with my family. When I am away from them, I feel guilty and wish I was with them. I think a lot of this has happened after losing Cayden. So, I had a few friends who talked me into going. As I was sitting at one of the tables, one of the girls made a remark about having 2 baby boys inside her...I did not know the girl. But suddenly people around me were talking non-stop about her being pregnant with twin boys. A few of the girls even knew what had happened to me. I have never wanted to leave a room so quickly. I found myself avoiding the conversation and trying to fight back the tears. I wanted to tell her that she was not guaranteed 2 babies in the end, but I didn't.

Now, I am back at home with my broken heart. I am reminded that life is NEVER the same after losing a baby and nobody will ever understand. Girls nights out...are not just a good time anymore. I am reminded how unfair life can be. I just want my baby in my arms. I want to remember what it's like to NOT have one of your babies say, "I had twin boys!" without saying that one of them is in heaven now.

There is nothing easy about this journey. I know as time has gone on, the days get a little easier, but in the end, no matter how much time has still long for the baby you lost and the reminder is always there. The pain is always right there waiting to resurface. The only people I knew could comfort me, was my husband and kids that were at home or my other baby loss mama's.

I thank God and also all of you who lift me back up when I am down. I know as hard as this journey gets and as sad as I am tonight...tomorrow is a new day and I will get through it. Cayden is always with me..even tonight he was with me. I just carry him in my heart instead of in my arms.

Mama misses you and loves you so much Cayden.


  1. Girl, I'm so sorry. I understand, I try to avoid a room full of women at all costs.... the conversation ALWAYS comes around to being pregnant. I just can't handle it. And it feels like that the ones that do know what you went through completely forget about you! Yeah... times like that makes me wonder why I even try to have girls nights.

  2. Oh Chrissy, I'm so sorry you had to sit there as they talked and gushed about twin boys. A stab right to the heart.

  3. I stumbled on this blog from a google search looking for others who have been hurt by the words of others and I found you. I am so sorry for what you have suffered. I can scarcely imagine. I have twins. They are girls, 15. They were quite premature and that scared the daylights out of me and no one understands when I lose my mind if one of them so much as catches the flu. They don't understand that I am terrified of something happening to one of them and even them catching a cold can send me back to the NICU where I hear the alarms go off when a baby stops breathing. I don't understand why people can't understand me.

  4. girl's night out... been avoiding them since last august when we got the news about Rachel. I've been acused of being unhealthy and had well meaning "friends" tell me I should go to "get my mind off of Rachel". Well, I don't want to get my mind off of Rachel any more than being in a room full of women who (like someone else already said) will ALWAYS end up talking about pregnancy and birth...and since I'm pregnant again too, I usually have to talk about this baby when I'd rather talk about Rachel. So, I get what you mean - too bad we didn't live closer so we could do a girls night out that didn't hurt so much. thinking of you always...

  5. Having one at home doesn't take away the pain of losing the other... it just means our arms are only half empty. There's still emptiness there, and there always will be. I'm so thankful for my son, Paxton, but I miss his twin sister Carys more than I have words to say.