Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 6th month birthday

Happy 6 month Birthday my angel in heaven!! I wish so much you were here with us to celebrate this milestone, but I know you are up above watching over us. My heart aches more for you everyday. I never knew it could hurt this bad!! Your short time here with us was the best time of our life!! I know though I will see you again one day!! We miss you and love you so much!! xoxoxo


  1. Happy 6 months baby boy!!!!! We all love and miss you so much. You are so special in so many ways! Chrissy we love you also very much! I would love to say the old saying time heals the pain, but boy I dont know? I could not be as strong as you, you are a great Wife,mother,Aunt, and Sister! I love you more tham anything!!!!! Keep being strong......

  2. Happy 6th months into this phase your tender journey.